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Jailhouse Rock

Bonnie Parker
Welcome to Bonnie Parker's JailHouse Rock

Click on the start button below to hear Bonnie's favorite singer of the 1930's, Jimmie Rodgers singing "You're In The Jailhouse Now"

Picture Gallery of The Barrow Gang In The Jailhouse Then.

Eastman's Prison Farm - Clyde's Jailhouse

Kemp, Texas Jail - Bonnie's Jailhouse

Clyde Barrow

Buck Barrow

W.D. Jones

Raymond Hamilton

Henry Methvin

Joe Palmer

Raymond Hamilton and T.R. Brooks

Raymond Hamilton and standing in middle with dark hair is Roy Thornton (Bonnie's husband)

Raymond and Floyd Hamilton (brothers)

Old Sparky - The Electric chair at Huntsville, Texas
where Raymond Hamilton and Joe Palmer met their death in 1936.

Dead or Alive...